Publish and Perish

fractal-graphics-black-3I’m not even close to done writing Enspore, but I already feel that the publication process and decisions are looming. I don’t want to be done and have to sit and wait on an agent to find a traditional publisher, or worse, nothing. I want to get the book out there on my own, and I feel that’s the only way to go in today’s hyper-competitive environment. But of course I am trying to market Enspore already and develop content for potential readers to find out more about me and my work.

I commented on a discouraging article in the NYT concerning e-books. I have read in lots of places about horror stories involving electronic publishing, usually through self-publishing outfits that you have to pay an up-front fee to. At this time I am still considering all of my options, but am leaning towards non-exclusive shops, like BookBaby and Lulu. That way, if I get some good sales, I can still market the book to a traditional publisher. Alternatively, I could publish on the major platforms, B&N and Amazon, and maybe even give the first book away for free (or $0.99), just to build a brand and encourage sales.

In a minor coincidence, one of the top-rated comments on the article mentioned how well his book was selling at a store in Lexington, KY. Maybe this will be a good place to start local marketing…


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